Edition '18 - GoneWest

Poperinge - 05.07

9.30 pm - Dez Mona

Dez Monza composes a six-part musical piece, inspired by the end of WWI, written for a male choir of 6 singers that goes into a one-off dialogue with new work by Dez Monza as a quartet. The choral compositions are based on Spanish folk music and Black-American Gospel and are performed a cappella.

Diksmuide - 20.07

10.30 pm - Amenra

This Kortrijk-based sludgecore ensemble offers a unique concert in which strength and healing are literally illuminated and embodied. A collaborative work of art in which music, the graceful movements of Japanese Buloh dance and visuals of human metamorphosis converge. As a group able to turn darkness into light, Amenra is the perfect choice for celebrating the future and peace. The shimmering visuals are provided by Tine Guns.

Nieuwpoort - 28.07

9.00 pm - Baloji

Baloji, former figurehead of the pride of national hip hop Starflam, is a musical centipede. His solo debut album ‘Hotel Impala’, interspersed with influences from his homeland of Congo, received international acclaim. On his latest album, he fuses jazz, hip hop and soul into the Congolese mix. In search of hope, Baloji struck up a unique collaboration with acclaimed countertenor Serge Kakudji. Music as a multitude of genres and styles, skilfully put through the wringer that drips joie de vivre.

Heuvelland - 02.08

7.30 pm - Dranouter

Music, the spoken word and video tell the story that is inseparable from the Dranouter festival site. It was a battlefield 100 years ago, and it is now a place of celebration. Therefore, Dranouter is adding another day to the festival.

Top musicians bring new creations in unique settings to the main stage. The past is brought to life in a party full of hope and joy for the future. Including appearances by Le Vent du Nord, De Temps Antan, WöR, Trio Dhoore, and more.


Peace to The World - Peace event - 25.08

The First World War ended in 1918. Now, 100 years later, we all come together to celebrate the future, hope and healing.

A peace event is the closing statement of GoneWest, the Province of West-Flanders’ five-edition long commemoration event. Artists have reflected on the war and the devastation in innumerable art forms, including dance, theatre, music and the spoken word.