The Light Front

An impressive evening of remembrance

On 17 October 2014, GoneWest organised a large participatory event with the name of Light Front. 8,4000 participants were selected. After this Light Front, Arno performed at a concert held near the locks at Ganzenpoot in Nieuwpoort.

The Light Front

With the Light Front, we followed the front line as it existed at the time of the ceasefire in the autumn of 1914 after the flooding of the plains end of October. At night, the troops from both sides could see each other’s lights along the front line, across the flooded plains. During the first weekend of GoneWest, we recreated this line by having 8,400 participants light up the stretch of land between Nieuwpoort beach and Ploegsteert, using flaming torches.

Artistic pyro static installations

Amidst this front line of burning torches, artistic pyro static installations were set up in the nine municipalities involved. Each of these creations took their inspiration from the historical backdrop of nine historical places (Ganzenpoot in Nieuwpoort, the Yser Tower in Diksmuide, the Three Canals in Houthulst, Hill 60 in Ypres, the German Soldiers’ Cemetery in Langemark-Poelkapelle, Tyne Cot Cemetery in Zonnebeke, Pool of Peace in Heuvelland, the football pitch in Mesen and the Memorial to the Missing in Ploegsteert).

The list of Names

The list of the names of the 600,000 victims fallen on Belgian soil was projected on to the Albert I monument in Nieuwpoort, the Yser Tower in Diksmuide and the Belfry in Ypres. The whole project was a deeply reflective moment, with all attention being focused on the victims of this conflict.

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