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Since 2011, the Province of West Flanders and the In Flanders Fields Museum have teamed up to compile The Name List. The result is an inclusive list of casualties of the war in Belgium. It contains civilian and military war dead, Belgians who died at home and abroad and non-Belgians who were killed or fatally wounded here in Belgium.

Making lists of casualties is not new in itself. But registration and public remembrance always occurred within a particular community. Only those that could submit proof of membership were included in the own collections of Onze Makkers, Nos Enfants, Our Heroes, or Unsere Toten. Going beyond this old division, The Name List wants to rise above this in collective commemoration of what all the casualties share: the identity of being a victim. All of them found death one day on this old but still apparent battlefield.

14 Dec 1918
day 1594 from 1560
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